About the importance of high-quality local media for the development of the city, about influence and mission, about how to keep up with the times while preserving the important, and about the fire in the eyes of the leader as a key to development and growth.

Fortuna, a newspaper for and about Stryi, has been the pulse of Stryi and the region for 23 years. It has gone through periods of transformation, responding to the challenges of time, but has always been there for those who cannot do without it! "Fortuna is published weekly and covers the cities of Stryi, Drohobych, Boryslav, Morshyn, Truskavets and Skole.
Anyone in the Stryi district and neighbouring towns has heard of the Fortuna newspaper, because even before the massive spread of the Internet, it was the local OLX, where everyone could place or find the advert they needed. Of course, with the development of the Internet, ads in local media have become less common, but they still play an important role at the local level. It's the same with news articles nowadays, when news appears in telegram channels the very next minute, and we are constantly in a continuous flow of information.
So what is the role of local print media? Oksana Palamar, director of Ukrpol Media, has managed to find this role and meet the challenges of the times. The information field has always played an extremely important role in the development of an individual, a community, and the country as a whole. Therefore, the role Fortuna plays in telling the story and supporting local development cannot be overestimated. In small towns like Stryi, where everyone knows each other through 2-3 handshakes at most, it is important to serve the community, understand what it needs, preserve authenticity and traditions, and tell local stories. For Stryi and about Stryi is a slogan that fully corresponds to what Fortuna is about, namely: 
The news of the city and the region.
About the sporting achievements of Stryi residents.
The success stories of local entrepreneurs - it is interesting to learn about your favourite coffee shop or hairdresser and the way it was created.
 About large enterprises of the city and the district - not all residents know what is produced behind that big fence, and that enterprises from the small city of Stryi are known for their products far beyond Ukraine.
We are talking about culinary recipes, which are not just another recipe from the section, but recipes shared by a local chef or confectioner, again in the context of local traditions. There are also useful articles from psychologists and advice from multidisciplinary doctors. And, of course, birthday greetings, crosswords, horoscopes, children's colouring books - everyone will find something for themselves.
When the war broke out, the newspaper resumed publication after a short break. People saw that the newspaper was coming back to life, and they started to come back to life too... It's also important to keep up with the times and feel the demand: we were looking for illustrations by Ukrainian artists on military topics for the cover, and now we have artificial intelligence works on the cover that reflect the main events or emotional state of the past week. The things that Ukrainians experienced: a girl with a candle during the blackout, the liberation of Kherson, and all those historical moments that will be written about in history books. Fortuna also features articles about our heroes, about the military on the front line, including the local battalion, the 103rd separate brigade of the territorial defence forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.