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Books, newspaper and magazine products printing

Books are an effective image tool. They can be useful for non-profit organizations, foundations, unions, political parties and others. Through books, businesses can share their experiences and principles of work, while writers and artists can share their work.

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Despite the popularity of digital technologies, magazines and newspapers are still in demand in the market. In particular, newspapers will be useful to tell the audience about the event, promotion, cover the event, present the conference, products, services or make a thematic review. And magazines will be useful to convey information to a certain category of people at regular intervals.

Types of magazines:

Thematic. They bring people together with common hobbies, such as cars, business, etc.

Highly specialized. Issued for a range of professionals in a particular field.

Corporate. These magazines are published for the company's staff. Used as a tool for domestic policy, motivation, information and learning.

Children's. Combine game and cognitive material.

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