Ukrpol suppliers


Austrian concern, one of the largest cardboard manufacturers in Europe. The concern unites more than 30 plants that process secondary raw materials into cardboard. There are enterprises belonging to this brand on the territory of Ukraine - Cherkasy region. Recently, the company has introduced a line of production of cardboard from primary fibers at the request of customers. This has created a perfectly safe cardboard that can be used for food. The company was awarded the prestigious Business Superbrand Award 2017 as an innovative enterprise. 

Metsa board

European leader in the production of premium cardboard. It uses primary fibers to create its products. The company uses eco-friendly technologies, so in particular creates cardboard with a coating that repels moisture. It resembles plastic in quality, but it is very easy to recycle. The products are safe and in demand in the food industry and fast-food establishments as food packaging.

Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill

One of the largest enterprises for the production of cardboard and paper products in Europe. The company has a closed production cycle from the collection of secondary raw materials to the production of finished products. The company sells packaging cardboard, corrugated cardboard, coated and non-coated cardboard in the country and far beyond.


Finnish-Swedish corporation formed in 1998 by merging two companies. However, the history of this production structure begins many centuries ago. Stora A.B. was the oldest corporation on the planet, as it received permission to operate from the King of Sweden in the 14th century! Today the corporation is present in 35 countries of the world, its enterprises employ 26 thousand people. The concern is the world's leading producer of recycled cardboard, but also has a range of cardboard made from primary fibers. An innovative approach to production allows you to organize the production process so that it does not harm the environment. Cardboard production of this company is in demand in publishing houses, industrial enterprises and construction companies.


Serbian company for the production of chrome white cardboard from secondary raw materials. The products are in demand in Serbia and abroad, in particular, highly valued in the European Union. The company produces cardboard in sheets and rolls. These packaging materials are used in the food industry, chemical, light, machine building, textile, tobacco and many other industries.