We work on the equipment of the German company Heidelberg - the world leader in the production of equipment for sheet-fed offset printing. This is the most common technology in the manufacture of commercial and packaging products.

The printing equipment of this company is optimal for automation and productivity among printing machines. Therefore, we can guarantee the perfect execution of orders.

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Benefits for customers:

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Ability to fulfill the order in a short time

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Highest level of print quality

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Reducing the cost of products

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Fast setup and printing

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Our equipment fleet includes equipment from the Swiss company BOBST. It has specialized in the production of flexographic printing and rotary die-cutting equipment since 1923. BOBST is a world leader in the supply of equipment and services for packaging manufacturers. Among the advantages of these production lines are accuracy, versatility and productivity.


We use printing machines of the German concern Koenig & Bauer-Albert AG, one of the largest manufacturers of offset machines in the world. The first factory of this concern was founded in August 1817 in Würzburg and it still works. Thanks to the use of KBA printing machines, we produce products of the highest quality.

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Ukrpol technological operations

We have implemented all the necessary set of technological processes for the manufacture of products. In particular, machines are involved at the production sites, which provide:



Cutting paper


Embossing and embossing





Hologram application


Gluing windows

Bonding of envelopes


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