We are proud to announce that Ukrpol Printing Company has been awarded the status of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) "confirming security and reliability". This status confirms the company's compliance with high standards of security and trust in international trade.

Authorised Economic Operator is a well-deserved status that is confirmed in accordance with strict customs and tax regulations. It proves that a company meets specific criteria, guaranteeing its reliability and security in international trade operations.

The AEO status opens up a wide range of benefits for the company. These include simplification of customs procedures, acceleration of the movement of goods across the border and reduction of customs duties. It also helps to improve the company's reputation in the eyes of international partners.

An Authorised Economic Operator can take advantage of special programmes and benefits aimed at facilitating and supporting foreign economic activity. This makes the AEO status a key factor for businesses engaged in international trade.

Ukrpol Printing Company demonstrates its leadership by becoming the first recipient of the AEO status "confirming safety and reliability" in Ukraine. This recognition demonstrates the company's high level of professionalism and commitment to international business.