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Аt the end of 2019, our company became a manufacturer of packaging materials based on aluminium foil with a thickness of 8 to 200 mm with coating (primers, coloured varnishes, thermal varnishes), embossing and multi-colour printing, as well as other multilayer materials for the pharmaceutical, food and household industries. The main property of aluminium foil is that it serves as a reliable barrier. Even the thinnest aluminium foil, which is only 6 micrometres thick - thinner than a human hair - provides reliable protection against light, oxygen, humidity, bacteria and unpleasant odours. As a result, food and medicine in aluminium packaging significantly extend their shelf life. Scientific studies have shown that aluminium foil with a thickness of 6 micrometres (0.006 mm) can be considered an absolute barrier. Aluminium foil conducts heat very quickly.