Passed FSC® certification

At the beginning of 2016 Publishing House Ukrpol LLC received international certificate FSC SGS-COC-010629, license code FSC-C128653.
The main purpose of our business is the production of high-quality, competitive, safe, environmentally friendly production from paper and cardboard, that meets the demands of consumers and produced from certified raw materials or controlled sources.
Publishing House Ukrpol LLC exerts maximum efforts to exclude the purchase of raw materials from illegally harvested wood and ensures the customers:
• realization of the production, produced on request of the customer, only from FSC certified cardboard and paper raw materials;
• to buy raw materials for the production of FSC certified goods only from FSC-certified suppliers, who who are entitled to provide cardboard and paper raw materials from FSC certified wood;
• do not use in the production of FSC goods cardboard and paper raw materials, produced from wood from uncontrolled sources;
• to exert maximum efforts to exclude the purchase of paper and cardboard raw materials for the production of FSC certified goods from the wood of such categories:
- illegally harvested wood;
- wood, harvested with the violation of traditional and human rights;
- wood, harvested in the forests, where high nature conservation values are exposed to danger in the forest exploitation;
- wood, harvested in the areas, converted to plantations or non-forest use;
- wood from the forests, where the cultivation of genetically modified trees is done;
- wood, harvested with the violation of any of the ILO Core Conventions, as defined in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, 1998.
Forest Stewardship Council® – is an international organization, that monitors the wise use of forest resources.
FSC labeled products inform the consumers, that they are composed of wood raw materials, that come from the well managed forests and responcible sources, where is socially and environmentally responsible forestry. This ensures, that the forests will be successfully recovered after logging, and the most valuable forests will be preserved for present and future generations.
We have a responsible approach to ecologization of our production and goods, that’s why we would like to offer our customers the opportunity to order FSC certified packaging, thereby to make our contribution in the improvement of the world forest management.