Products variety and constant changes of customers’ demands are influenced by the choice of post-press equipment estate used by the company. Presently post-press finishing engages more than 20 machines that we give an opportunity to produce technologically complicated products.

The following kinds of jobs are done by post-press department :

  • Foil-stamping;
  • simultaneous foil-stamping and congrave;
  • congrave and blinting;
  • UV-varnishing and water-based dispersion protective varnishing;
  • package die-cutting;
  • laminating;
  • folding and package gluing;
  • cutting and die-cutting of label production;
  • assembly and stitching of books and magazines with possible clip stitching simultaneously;
  • stitching of books and magazines by a non-sewing thermo -binding juncture;
  • perforation of books and magazines and calendars;
  • perforation of advertising coupons for books and magazines and advertisement matter.